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Since I look like your doctor let me give you a prescription for success at Texas de Brazil, “DO NOT CHANGE A THING”. The food, the service, and energy of the restaurant is amazing. Thank you for your help in planning our upcoming event and thank you for our visit last night.

Texas de Brazil Customer in Salt Lake City

My husband heard about this new restaurant close to where we live and we decided to go because he is Brazilian and wanted to have that type of cuisine. We were so impressed with the atmosphere. It was absolutely gorgeous. The staff literally waited on us hand and foot. My ten year old son said he felt like royalty there and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. The food was delightful and the steaks literally melted in your mouth. We could just not get enough. We will most certainly be visiting again because the whole experience was worth it. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Texas de Brazil Customer in Yonkers

Thank you for accommodating all the changes. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the level of customer service. We would definitely be returning.

Texas de Brazil Customer in Trinidad

Had a great time 2 nights ago! We had a party of 13, and 5 of us were quite late. The staff was great though; they probably wanted to go home, but they never telegraphed that. Our primary server was Anthony; great attitude and service. Food was excellent!!!! Best Brazilian steakhouse I’ve been to. Very well done!

Texas de Brazil Customer in Ft. Lauderdale

My wife and I had a great dining experience last Tuesday at your restaurant. The food was outstanding, as well as the service. We eat a lot of fine dining around here. You are definitely one of the very best of any kind of restaurant in the Detroit area, and certainly the best at what you do. We will be spreading the word about you to all of our friends. We hope to eat with you again soon, and please, keep up the good work.

Texas de Brazil Customer in Detroit