Best all-you-can-eat buffets in Buffalo


You may need to expand your waistline but you won’t have to expand your wallet with these great all-you-can-eat spots in Buffalo.

1. Taj Grill

Where: 2290 Delaware Ave, Ste 500, Buffalo, NY


2. Garden Buffet

As far as Chinese buffets go, Garden Buffet is king. They have some run of the mill mediocre food on the buffet, but there’s a few dishes that I’d consider as good as an a la carte restaurant quality (peanut chicken I’m looking at you). (via Yelp)

Where: 7516 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY


3. Pearl Street Grill & Brewery

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First I want to mention that this place has a pretty decent all you can eat buffet offered before most (but not all, call to make sure before going) Buffalo Sabres home games. I’ve done the buffet a couple of times now before games and it is not bad. It is $16 for all you can eat beef on weck, pizza, wings, baked ziti, salad and unlimited pop refills. Considering an order of ten wings alone would run you $10 plus, this isn’t a bad deal. My one complaint about the buffet is that they only have medium wings available and I absolutely love their BBQ flavored wings. (via Yelp)

Where:  76 Pearl St, Buffalo, NY


4. Old Country Buffet

I recently went to this Old Country Buffet for the first time ever and I can’t say enough good things about it!! The people were friendly, but most importantly the food was awesome. I fed a family of four for under $40, and that includes everything! I love steak, roast beef, and ham, and they have it all!! My wife loves big salads, and they have every topping imaginable for them. (via Yellowpages)

Where: 3048 Sheridan Dr, Buffalo, NY


5. Texas De Brazil

First of all this place is all you can eat. You can begin your meal at their salad bar which has so much more than simply salad. They had an assortment of cheeses and vegetables in addition to sushi and tons of other great items. They also had a lobster bisque for their soup the night I was here. Be sure not to fill up too much at the salad bar! (via Yelp)

Where: 1 Walden Galleria, Space P-101, Buffalo, NY