Valentine’s Day is upon is, and it seems like everywhere you look there’s a list of the “Best Restaurants for Romance” and “Hot Gifts for Her on Valentine’s Day.” (We know because a few of those lists are ours.) And fair enough…if you’re part of a couple. But what about us single gals? Are we to spend the “holiday” – in air quotes because, really, is Valentine’s Day a legit holiday? – crying and alone with a box of Oreos, a full Netflix queue, and our cat? N.O. And if you had to pause before answering, shame on you.

So here’s an alternative: Get your best gal pals together and go out. Sure, you’ll probably have to suffer a few newbie couples looking longingly into each other’s eyes, but celebrating your awesome self, single or not, is something you should do every day, including February 14th. Here, for all of the single and fabulous chicas in the Big Apple, four single-friendly hotspots to hit up on Valentine’s Day.

You’ve heard the phrase “think like a man?” This Valentine’s Day, forget that and instead, eat like a man. The best place to do that is Texas de Brazil, a midtownchurrascaria where meat IS the menu. There’s a salad bar, too, and it’s pretty incredible, but pace yourself; you’ve been warned.

If you’ve never had churrascaria, the idea here is that good-looking passadoresroam the dining room with giant skewers full of every tender, juicy, well-seasoned type of meat known to man. When given the green light – you actually have a card that indicates red (“no, thanks”) and green (“serve me now”) – said passadores visit your table and gently slice thin strips of steak, lamb, and even bacon-wrapped chicken onto your plate.

It’s a sexy proposition that’s, in my opinion, best enjoyed with a few caipirinhas and your fellow single gal besties. If only the green “serve me now” card worked outside the restaurant…