Texas de Brazil: A Super-Sized Brazilian Steakhouse

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August 3, 2015 – by Andrew Bradbury

Let’s say you’re in NYC on business and need to arrange a dinner for your 45-person sales team. Or, you’ve brought the whole family and want to take them out for a celebratory meal…without totally breaking the bank. Big dilemmas require big solutions. Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian churrascaria of Lone Star state proportions, on the Upper East Side, has you covered.

In an age where a single NY strip can set you back $60 in this town, Texas de Brazil is a true bang for your buck! For $59.99, you can indulge in two decadent all-you-can-eat courses.

Texas de Brazil food

Your adventure begins with a basket of pão de queijo (see: addictive Brazilian cheese bread) before making your first of multiple trips to the stocked, gourmet salad bar. Brimming with bright fruits and vegetables, cheese and charcuterie, several soups and even sushi, one could eat here for days and not get bored. You can build your own caprese salad with the ripe red tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella before diving in to some lobster bisque. Or, sample some feijoada, the famed Brazilian black bean stew.

Texas de Brazil NYC salad bar

When you’re ready for the main course, an endless parade of servers will approach your table brandishing large skewers of every kind and cut of meat imaginable. You’ll let them know if you’d like to sample it and they will carve you a few pieces.

While most of the meats are delicious, there are a few stand-outs including the flank steak, bacon-wrapped filet mignon and an excellent grilled lamb. And, if there’s one you’re particularly fond of, let them know and they’ll bring it back around.

This process repeats itself until…well, until you cry “uncle.” (Actually, you’ll flip your coaster over from the green side to the red side and they’ll get the message that you’ve had your fill.)

Which brings us to dessert. You may think you’re full, but you’ll be surprised how deep you can dig when confronted with a towering carrot cake, Brazilian flan or Bananas Foster pie.

Texas de Brazil is perfect for big groups. The sprawling bi-level space easily accommodates the largest of parties, with private dining spaces that can seat up to 80 people. The set prices mean that when the check comes, figuring out who owes what won’t require the use of a smart phone. And every one can choose what they want to eat. (Vegetarians and pescatarians can stick to that great salad bar for $39.99).

The dining concept itself couldn’t be more fun. It’s entertaining for kids (though they may ask why you’ve never served them food on a sword before) and a great icebreaker for adults.

Speaking of: There are plenty of more intimate tables for two. It makes for an exciting, carnivorous date spot.

Texas de Brazil is located at 1011 3rd Ave. (E. 60th St.), 212-537-0060, texasdebrazil.com